The Highest Polo Ground on Earth

Welcome to Shandur, known for being the highest Polo ground on Earth.

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The Shandur Polo ground is in the district Chitral, ans it is bordered on the west by Yarkoon valley of Chitral and on the northerners by the valley of Gilgit district.The polo ground is about 168 Km from the main town Chitral and accessible by jeep. These areas remains snow covered in winter and turn into the green heaven during summer season. There is a big lake it the area.


Chitral is a beautiful valley in the Hindukush range of Mountains, This interesting country of snow-peaked mountain ranges, ageless glaciers and deep green valleys through which flow the icy cold and crystal clear hill torrents from mountain springs has a natural charm of its own. Here in Chitral that stands the majestic Terichmir Peak, 5th highest in the world, towering over 25,000 ft. 

Polo Festival

Every year a polo festival is arranged in month of July on the famous shandur top polo ground.